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Red Wines

Shiraz 2015

A sensational flavour affirms the very best food enhancing characteristics of this luscious Shiraz grape. Oak matured to produce a silky, velvety mouth-feel with a slightly spicy feeling on the ...

Price per bottle : R 100,00
Special Wine Club Price : R 100,00

Craft Pinot Noir

The fresh fruit and sweet spice follow with a palate mixture of red cherry and ripe strawberry. An easy-drinking style wine with a lingering velvety aftertaste. The grapes were handpicked and crafted ...

Price per bottle : R 95,00
Special Wine Club Price : R 95,00

Pinot Noir 2012 The Legend

The soft, velvety cherry and earthy flavours on the nose of this wine lingers on the palate. Smooth tannins through careful oak maturation make this a well balanced classic wine.

Price per bottle : R 150,00
Special Wine Club Price : R 150,00

Three Barrel Shiraz 2012

This rich, dark, velvety Shiraz was matured in 100% new French Oak barrels for three years. Only three barrels were produced, hence the name, Lord's “Three Barrel Shiraz”.

Price per bottle : R 300,00
Special Wine Club Price : R 300,00