Environmental and Social Responsibility


At Lord’s Wines, we take responsibility for the impact of our activities. Not only on the environment, but also the interests off our employees and laborers. This obligation extends beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation.

Through minimal use of herbicides and pesticides, we encourage a natural growing environment for our award-winning vines. Assisting the growth of the naturally occurring fynbos and the critters that inhabit them, makes for a healthy and harmonious terroir. 

Our returning Blue Crane family and other wildlife bares testament to our minimal intervention approach.
Lord’s Wines is accredited by IPW (The Integrated Production of Wine – http://www.ipw.co.za/)

All our employees and laborers live in their own homes in the picturesque village of McGregor. By only employing from the community, Lord’s Wines gives back by teaching skills and ensuring households have sustainable incomes.

Lord’s Wines is accredited by WIETA (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association – https://www.wieta.org.za/)
Through our sponsorship of the McGregor Young Warriors cycle team, the youth are given an alternative to the perpetuating cycle of unemployment and crime.